($0.75/lb. - $1.35/lb.) Bumper Plates (Centerville, OH)

I have a variety of bumper plates in the $0.75/lb. - $1.35/lb. range.

($1.20/lb.) New HomeGrown Bumper Plates (Made in the USA)
2 x 10 lb. at $1.20/lb. = $24 for the pair
2 x 15 lb. at $1.20/lb. = $36 for the pair
2 x 25 lb. at $1.20/lb. = $60 for the pair
2 x 35 lb. at $1.20/lb. = $84 for the pair
2 x 45 lb. at $1.20/lb. = $108 for the pair
2 x 55 lb. at $1.20/lb. = $132 for the pair
*I have plenty of each quantity available.

($0.75/lb.) 154 lbs. of Used Bumper Plates
-4 x 22 lb (10 kg) at $0.75/lb. = $33/pair
-2 x 33 lb (15 kg) at $0.75/lb. = $50/pair
*A few bumpers have cracks and/or missing hub rings.

1,130 lbs of 2" Olympic rubber Rogue bumper plates that I'll sell as a bundle for $1.15/lb. = $1,300
*Some are in fine shape, but others do have loose rings and some light cracking. See pictures for a better idea of the condition. Most of them are the HG 2.0 and some are the high-temp. Quantities include 14x45 lb and 20x25 lb. I am also willing to sell them in pairs at the following rates:
-Good condition = $1.35/lb
-Loose rings = $1.15/lb.

1,545 lbs of 2" Olympic Bumper Plates at $0.87/lb. = $1,350 for all
*Quantities include a mix of Troy, USA, VTX, Hi Temp, and unbranded bumpers.
-18 x 45 lb.
-25 x 25 lb.
-11 x 10 lb.
*I would prefer to sell them all together. Some of the bumpers are in good shape while others have some cracks or loose rings. I would consider breaking the set apart and selling the ones in good shape for $1.10/lb and the ones with cracks and loose rings for $0.85/lb. Those would work well to keep on a leg press or some weight machine where you can load up the 45s and aren't using them for crossfit purposes. I have additional 15, 35, and 55 lb bumper plates as well.

The price is firm and cash only. The pickup location is at the parking lot of Whole Foods Market in Centerville, OH at 1050 Miamisburg Centerville Rd, Dayton, OH 45458. If you check out my other ads at the link below, I also have tons of other weight equipment for sale.

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