($0.75/lb.) Dumbbells (Centerville, OH)

I have the following dumbbells for $0.75/lb that are either singles or mismatched. There are a few dumbbells in the mix that have damage (bent handles, all the rubber peeled off, small hole, or are just the cheaper neoprene kind) that I'd even be willing to sell for as cheap as $0.50/lb.

Mismatched/Single Dumbbells ($0.75/lb):
-1 x 5 lb. steel hex
-6 x 10 lb. mismatched steel hex
-3 x 10 lb. mismatched rubber hex
-1 x 10 lb. rubber round CAP
-7 x 15 lb. mismatched steel hex
-1 x 15 lb. rubber hex
-1 x 15 lb NordicTrack chrome round
-1 x 15 lb round pro style
-1 x 17.5 lb. York rubber hex
-1 x 20 lb. steel hex
-2 x 20 lb. mismatched rubber hex
-1 x 20 lb CAP rubber coated dumbbell (missing 1 rubber cap) at $0.50/lb. = $10
-2 x 25 lb. mismatched rubber hex
-1 x 30 lb. steel hex dumbbells (has a hole in the bottom) at $0.50/lb. = $15
-2 x 40 lb. mismatched rubber hex
-1 x 40 lb. steel hex
-1 x 40 lb. pro-style
-1 x 45 lb. pro-style
-1 x 45 lb. steel hex
-1 x 45 lb. rubber hex (missing all rubber) at $0.56/lb. = $25
-1 x 50 lb. Troy round pro style
-1 x 50 lb. rubber-coated hex dumbbell (loose head) at $0.50/lb. = $25
-1 x 60 lb. round pro style
-1 x 60 lb. steel hex dumbbell (slightly bent handle) at $0.67/lb. = $40
-1 x 65 lb. Rogue rubber hex dumbbell
-1 x 75 lb. steel hex
-1 x 75 lb. round pro style
-1 x 85 lb. Hampton rubber hex
-1 x 90 lb. steel hex dumbbell (bent handle) at $0.50/lb. = $45

The price is firm. Cash only. Pickup location at Whole Foods in Centerville, OH at 1050 Miamisburg Centerville Rd, Dayton, OH 45458. I have lots of other weight equipment for sale as well if you check out my other ads.

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