These homeless kitties need homes (New Vienna, Oh)

I have taken in a few animals to find them homes the last few months. We have 4 cats that need to find homes. I only want what is best for these babies. They are all female and none have been spayed yet (they will be spayed if I keep them much longer because they will be coming into heat soon). They have all been dewormed and treated for fleas. I want these babies to go to FOREVER homes that can afford their care, not just to be gotten as a gift or be passed around their entire lives so if you aren't serious about a lifetime commitment then DO NOT RESPOND! Here is a little about each animal.

Precious (4-5 yrs old I think, silver tabby with tortie markings)-Precious was abandoned by a family that used to rent part of the property we rent. She was a full time outdoor "mouser". She does catch mice, but loves to just lay around in one room. Precious is litter trained and loves attention, but doesn't like being picked up. Since I have brought her in she hasn't tried to get out of the house even once. She had 2 kittens not long after we moved in, but she did not produce milk nor did she want anything to do with them and they passed away. She doesn't get into anything and is very lazy, just wanting a soft bed to sleep on and food/water. Her favorite place to sleep is my bed or the kitty tunnels. Precious is not declawed nor spayed. She would make a great pet for an elderly home or a home without small children. She doesn't mind other cats once she gets to know them. Her and my cats hissed at each other for about a week, but there was no fighting. They all now eat together and lay together grooming each other. Pictures 4-6 are her. Her rehoming fee is $10.

Vixen(3-5 months old silver tabby)-Vixen was a semi feral stray that showed up at my best friends home about a month ago with her 3 siblings (there were 4 total). Her parents dogs killed the 3 siblings and she wouldn't stay in their garage. So I took her in. She is very nervous of people at first, but once she knows you wont hurt her she loves attention. She is a little territorial with cats her size, but has no problems with older, bigger cats. She doesn't play much, but loves to roam the house and hasn't tried to get out since I brought her home. She is litter trained and will hunt mice. Her favorite place to sleep is either on top of the kitty litter box or in the kitty tunnels. She is extremely scared of dogs. Vixen has not been declawed nor spayed. Pictures 7-9 are her. Her rehoming fee is $10.

Nala (about 3-4 months black with about 4 white hairs on chest, Sarabis sister)- Nala along with her sister are the newest. They belonged to my neighbor who brought them from her moms house. One of them got locked in her house accidentally (they were meant to be outdoor cats) where there wasn't a litter box. It pooped on her daughters bed so she was going to find a place to drop them off at. My husband offered to take them to find them homes. Nala doesn't like to be held long, but loves attention and playing whenever she can. She doesn't like dogs at all. Nala will sometimes sit at the door like she wants outside, but if someone goes outside she will run from the door. She doesn't seem to mind other cats, but really loves her sister. The litter box must be cleaned extremely often or she will poop on the floor. She will sleep anywhere that she can fit. Nala is not declawed nor spayed. Pictures 10-12 are her. Her rehoming fee is $10.

Sarabi (about 3-4 months old, black with a dozen or so white hairs on her chest, Nalas sister)- Sarabi is the most affectionate of the 2 sisters and loves being held. She is slightly bigger than Nala as well. Sarabi does not like dogs, but seems to be ok with other cats. Her back story is the same as Nalas and she doesn't try to leave the house at all. She doesnt go near the door. Sarabi will beg for human food like a dog and will try to get in your plate, we are working on that. Her and Nala love to wrestle around with each other, but are still learning that the other cats will play with them too. The litter box needs cleaned a lot with her as well or she will poop on the floor too. Sarabi is not declawed nor spayed. Pictures 13-15 are her. Her rehoming fee is $10.

***Neither Nala or Sarabi have pottied on any furniture or blankets since they have been here. They have only pooped on the floor twice in the same room as the litter box when I was late cleaning the litter boxes one night. I clean my litter boxes 3-4 times a day.***
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