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Rescue backed foster available to cover expenses and provide support if you’re unable to give a forever home 🙂

He is approximately 1.5 years old, 90lbs, and is guessed to be a mastiff pit mix or an American bulldog mix. He was found wandering the streets in Dayton and I couldn’t just let him be hit, shot, or used as bait / fighting. I’ve kept him for a week and his owners aren’t to be found. He has not seen the vet or been neutered so that must be taken upon by the new owners. Since I cannot keep him I haven’t tried introducing him to my dogs so I cannot guarantee his behavior around other dogs. He can be friendly around cats but I don’t suggest as the more he’s been around them he’s got nippy with mine. Has not been around kids so I cannot guarantee that, though he loves adults. Has been in a crate when unable to be supervised. He seems to never been crate trained and chews the bars on his crate and can escape. Upon rehoming I am no longer responsible for how you train or socialize him and what that may cause or lead if you do not do such appropriately. Before he goes home to his new owners I ask for a vet reference / vet records of other dogs in the household as well as a tour of the home where he’ll be residing. He won’t just go to anyone. Feel free to ask any further questions, but I feel this overall describes him. 7️⃣5️⃣🦌 in order to ensure good home.

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