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Nick-Blume.Com free poster of your oil portrait 2encourage sale (Fairborn, Ohio)

free poster of what your oil portrait will look like to get you interested in buying an oil portrait or sketch
(which include an intricate customized digital experience like lucid dreams used as a monitor when waking up in the morning). Contact me to get your free print of you.

(I'll record a portrait of you or you can record yourself then I'll intricately use photoshop filters then print it for you)
I hope you like what I print for free for you and want me to make a $25 sketch or a $75 oil painting of the print.

oil portraits 10x10 $75 encouraging burial exported to Antarctica immortalization of informorph
a quantum eraser experiment focusing cubes of stars then spectral sculpted with portraits
carry out or delivered with optional underwater painting, cell towers' outer space signal and masking of roped tree form giants moving with towering voices

work is created in 20 hours straight. the canvas roll has been used as a blanket and the 2x2 stretchers have been used several times as part of bands playing inside clear plastic boxes that I painted and lit on fire.

the works are 10x10 so that they fit in Orion. the work is star matrix signal structuring where you hold the canvas up to orion and your eyes observation of the cube of stars around orion naturally utilizes the quantum eraser experiment rewriting the star light waves to particles to their source through out time, so when you hold the portrait to Orion it continues to send the image to that exact location of your eyes for thousands of years. the star light sculpts the image you hold up when your eyes explore the canvas. According to the quantum eraser experiments, every time you focus on your surroundings the stars record what you are seeing. Sculpted mechanisms allow you to clear light arriving before sent. Find any thought throughout time and explore the universe to planck length in moments.

folks might like delivery of the paintings to include painting underwater on top of my Jeep with interest in the delivery of the work causing the cellphone towers in the path to the location to surge points near light speed into space as if the area the delivery is passing though is a canvas which can be used to transmit whatever extremely pixelated and rotoscoped logo esque image into space. Folks might also like the delivery to include the mounting of the portraits as masks of lit roped tree form giants then adding towering voices to the giant tree movements.

Southern women forget they are required to have that Gone With The Wind portrait over their fire place that fights the tackiness of the requirement to earn the place over their fire place. 10x10 could get them interested in the Antarctica Export size more adequate for the mantle. most people thinking of themselves as artists are actually technicians/arts&crafters because they have not invented anything yet not knowing they are required to, and it only takes one heavy invention to earn the title of artist for all works created today because of the way recording works now. so the requirement has always been artwork innovation that includes a portrait and not technician/arts&craft work.

the images are animations containing all the frames of the animation, which is a major innovation always missed by folks painting frames of animation and when movie making they never think to have all the frames played at once which wastes misleading trailers. currently strategizing ways to ad an optical illusion activated by motion for different distances. optical illusion activated by motion from distance checkerboard closeness then upclose not a checkerboard grid line thicken might work

the portraits are aimed at a likeness then look to create a depth at a distance that is nice when they hit photo esque level though they bounce between depth importance to likeness and photo esque levels.

I aim to make it look like the minds are passing in front of intricate sketches on red walls. The portraits are filtered depictions of self-immolations with the red edges of the canvas being pixelated fire containg the smeared landscape details in the flames topped with face clarity (a nice fourth wall spike of the viewer percieving illusion). the portraits in the works are absent of red and pink because that is too effeminate and aim the skin at being more pale grey and napals yellow fighting green because thats what preservation in Antarctica does to our skin while we work to immortalize existence. I'd like the sketches I painted that the portraits are in front of to involve maps of their external mind structures and paths through quantum eraser star light sculptures and are currently images of Antarctic/Arctic catacombs and our efficient productivity of our creativity in our black out sleep states the supercomputers and Ancient Flight Mainframe requires us for solving immortalizing existence components. The sketches are also sheet music and part of an infinite algorithm weighting all my actions that is a translation guide multiplying diversified production of innovation information. The sketches have variety in the forms and have more mutation of the fisheyeing perspectives with the work having the distant forms change when our eyes and visual memory travels back to them. The sketches I paint behind the portraits are double sided when made like currency supporting George Washington's Freemasons. The currency I hope to create with the sketches are maps of algorithms calibrating all our actions to our portfolios allowing us to intricately monitor our market algorithm trading.

75$ 10x10 oil portrait can include recording of your heart beat and design for completion as a mechanism of only light focused with heat and gravity creating more heat and moving gravity (main tech of US Air Force and origin of name).

75$ oil portraits can include lucid dreams as a monitor of a non-game survival tool that protects you and your injuries while you sleep when activating the augmented reality ap using target images attached to what your protecting. for example if you have to keep something elevated attach a target image to the elevated then keep phone focused on target image, then if the elevation is compromised the phone wakes you, then you can enjoy falling back to sleep with a lucid dream guide. the lucid dreaming non-game survival tool is webgl using a visual traditional 3d experience then when going to sleep you enjoy exploring activation of lucid dream building with a sound only layer with eyes closed, you can also use the augmented reality ap to protect your injuries while you sleep. so there are 5 layers of the webgl into AR: Visual 3d, Sound, Cube Sound from 4 earbuds worn at once, Lucid Dream activated when focused on hands in your mind when waking from sleep, and Augmented Reality security sensors.

75$ oil portraits include algorithmic music translation of image, graphic design and sketches. If interested I could wear 4 earbuds at once and make some the image visualized with sound by layering the sound points, then deliver the image with underwater painting, cell tower outer space transmissions, then mount the portrait as a mask on moving lit roped tree form giants with towering voices. Voices of the giants made of tree forms wearing your portrait could be composed of your layered voice so that when slowing and increasing speed of the voice different things are spoken.

75$ oil portraits include free graphic designs and sketches of what your portrait is going to look like with out any obligations to purchase the digital files created with photoshop oil painting filter and smuge tool. background sketches and painting can be made on a midi keyboard, with each mark playing keys on a midi keyboard so that your portrait is also music with filtered stereo instructions eliminating the dense sound of spoken word. You can play an interactive album ap I design that translates mark making into music at WWw.NicholasONealBlume.Com
uploaded a few background sketches for your portraits, the sketches are also for the inspirational poster book for Airmen I've built where the graphic designed works are surrounded in thousands of sketches only attached at the top so when a fan is turned on the walls breathe like scale mail.,-84.0307256,18z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xa85c12d646515e4b!8m2!3d39.824619!4d-84.029341?hl=en&authuser=0

free graphic design still
25$ sketch
$75 10x10 oil portrait
use of Tank for delivery can be negotiated
Tank is $100,000
replica Tank is $25,000
Youtube: Nicholas O'Neal Blume
info at Nick-Blume.Com
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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